A voucher to travel Mongolia is considered a luxury Christmas gift !

The U.S. business news channel CNBC has provided Christmas gift lists for wealthy individuals. The list includes the "Riskfull Trip to Mongolia" offer from Black Tomato to its luxury customers. Trip to Mongolia will be leaded by Randy who is wellknown as extreme tour guide and trip price will be US $63000 per person. It is advertised as the only opportunity to experience  nomad lifestyle at a temperature of -30. Black Tomato works with Mongolian tour operator and offers a four-season tour to Mongolia for its regular customers, and in winter, the "Khuvsgul taiga" tour price starts at $ 13,000 per person.It mentioned experiencing the nature of the taiga, the shaman's center, the fresh water that appears to the bottom of the frozen lake, and the high mountains that glow over them, wonders of Mongolian culture.

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