Transportation in Ulanbator

"Nomadic of Blue Sky" is running to develop a sort of luxury tour in Mongolia after doing some research on the best route itinerary as a result few best tours have been made. We are offering our clients leading five-star cozy hotels of Ulaanbaatar, good cars, and others for your comfort. 

Our clients will be met warmly and transferred to the hotel with a cozy soft car. For the city tour outside sightseeing tour and country tours, we will offer comfortable luxury cars, 4-wheeled vehicles, and minivans depending on the number of guests.




Transportation outside Ulaanbaatar

Mongolia covers 1,566,500 square kilometers and houses only 3 million population. Its infrastructure and road network loosely developed, so sometimes we may meet some bumpy roads on way to destination. Even if we have this kind of challenges, we choose the most convenient solution by taking airplane and jeeps that are well responsible, suited to the country's off-road challenges such as dust, hotness and loneliness. Often, we use models of Land cruiser and Lexus.


Voyage with ease by private helicopter

If you are not in mood of traveling on bumpy and dusty road, we are offering you the airplane tour which saves time and energy and gives you the possibility to explore some of the great sites in short time. Please note that maximum of traveler is not more than 8!


Waterway in Khuvsgul lake

If you have affection to travel by water, you will be able to do it at the beautiful Khuvsgul Lake. The boat has 10 passenger seats. You will travel to this boat with three islands located in the middle of the Khuvsgul lake and do visit Tsaatan/Reindeer/ family. The drivers have a professional certificate issued by the Mongolian Ministry of Road Transport.


Off-road Russian mini van

Mongolia has a big territory with plenty of untouched territories and sometimes we need to use a Russian off-road mini-van “Purgon” due to bad road conditions. 6 travelers, the guide and the driver can sit in comfort in one Purgon as it has a big space and is reliable for wild nature an bad road conditions.


Comfort Japanese mini-van

If you are traveling with family and friends with more than 3 pax, we will provide you comfort Japanese minivan. Toyota Hiace and alphard is the most comfortable minivan in Mongolia.Through these kind of car you will travel by paved roads. For example, City tour, Terelj National Park, Khuvsgul lake, Karakorum & Erdene zuu monastery, Tsonjing boldog /the biggest Genghis khan's equestrian/, South Gobi are available for these cars.