Mongolia – Wild Taiga Winter Tour

Tour description

The tour name: Mongolia – Wild Taiga Winter Tour
Start: UB-back UB
Destination: Northern and Central part of  Mongolia
Duration: 11 days, 10 nights
Date: 29 Jan - 08 Feb /2024
Price:  US $1850 per person

Why do we love this trip?

  • Learn unique Mongolian Culture
  • Discover Nomadic lifestyle
  • Spot Wild and Domestic animals
  • Visit and meet real Nomads and Tsaatan   
  • Feel true silence and wild nature
  • Enjoy fresh and clean air
  • Meet true Taiga Shaman

Highlights: dog sledding in Terelj National Park, horse sledding on Lake Khuvsgul, meeting the true Shaman of Taiga, meeting the royal family of Tsaatan in Taiga, exploring Khoridol Saridag National Park, mount reindeer, the Arbosgot canyon and the Jarganat river, taste the national food of Mongolia.


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Detailed tour itinerary

Our guide will meet you at airport upon your arrival in Ulaanbaatar city/capital of Mongolia/ and take you to the hotel you stay. Free at leisure for the rest of the day. Prepare yourself; on the most of days of this tour, we'll spend a several hours on the road.

Overnight in Hotel

After breakfast at the Hotel you stayed We will head to Terelj national park. It takes only 1 hour to reach Terelj National park. On the way to Terelj you will visit the largest Genghis khan’s statue and turtle rock. In the Terelj national park you will do horse sledding tour on frozen Tuul river and then visit Nomad family. Today you will eat Mongolian traditional food “Khorkhog”. Before drive to Terelj NP we will visit short city tour that includes center square, Choijin lama temple, Zaisan memorial hill etc.

Overnight in Ger at tourist camp    Meals : B, L, D

Early in the morning we will drive to Murun that is capital of Khuvsgul province. Today we will have to drive long. /About 700 km/. On the way to Murun you will have a lunch and pass Darkhan city, Erdenet city, Bulgan city, Uran togoo Mountain /Extinct volcano/, Khutag undur town, Mongolian biggest river Selelnge , Strange shaped Ikh Uull  mountain etc . Driving time from Terelj  to Murun will be majority of the day

Overnight in Local Hotel       Meals: B, L, D 

After breakfast we will drive to Khuvgul lake. It takes 1 hour from Murun city to Kuvsgul lake. You will see panoramic view  of frozen Khuvsgul lake from Jankhai mountain. Today you will do horse sledding tour on the blue pearl.

Overnight in Ger at tourist camp                  Meals: B, L, D

After breakfast at the Khuvsgul Lake we will drive to Renchin Lkhumbe small town, which is the coldest point in Khuvsgul and is among 10 extinct volcanoes Mountain. Today we will drive approximately 80 km along the frozen lake; While you driving on the frozen lake you can see bottom of the Lake. Its ice is like a glass.   Also you will pass Jigleg Mountain through the Forest. You will admire the beautiful nature and. You will visit Nomad family and have lunch with real Nomads when you passing Jigleg Mountain.      

Overnight in local hotel                      Meals: B,L,D

After breakfast you will drive to Jarganat cold spring that is never frozen and located in 6 km from the town.  After short exploring this amazing pure spring we will drive to Tsagaan nuur village/60 km/ /It means White Lake/ and Russia and Mongolia’s border line. When you reach town, you will go to White Lake for ice fishing.  White lake is located next to the Tsagaan Nuur village.  If you are lucky you have the opportunity to eat Tsagaan fish /It means Whitefish/. Whitefish is nowhere else.


Overnight in local hotel                      Meals: B,L,D

Today you will drive to east Taiga /40 km/ and then stay whole day in east taiga for seeing real shaman’s activity and explore Tsaatan /reindeer herder/ family’s life style . Also you will do reindeer riding tour. In the evening you will attend bonfire with Tsaatans. This day would be unforgettable in your life time.

Overnight in Yurt with Reindeer herders                Meals: B,L,D

After breakfast at we will drive to Ulaan-Uul town 150 km.  On the way you will admire the splendor of nature. 

                 Overnight in local hotel                                         Meals: B,L,D


After breakfast at the local hotel we will head to Murun city. On the way  you will explore Khoridol Saridag national protected area, Delgerkhaan mountain that is highest peak of Khoridol saridag mountain /Above sea level 3093 m/ and beautiful Ar bosgot canyon. And then you will visit 50 100 complex that is A new tourist complex commenced on the intersection of  50 and 100 degrees of longitude and latitude in Erkhel valley in the territory of Alag-Erdene soum of Khuvsgul aimag.The new complex with monuments and outdoor theatre was built by local companies. There are only four points on Earth where 50 and 100 degrees of longitude and latitude intersect, two of which are in the Pacific and Indian oceans and two are found on land. One of the latter is located on the highway in Canada and another one is found in Khuvsgul aimag of Mongolia. The crossing point in Erkhel valley of Alag-Erdene soum is the most accessible one. With the commencement of the complex, it is now possible for tourists to visit the site and spend time in comfortable conditions. Also you will explore uushigiin uvur deer stone that is situated on southern east sunny side of Rocky Mountain Uushig, 17km west from Murun town of Khuvsgul Province and about 3km from northern bank of Delger River in Burentogtokh Soum. You can find mounds, square burials and 14 deer stones in a single area at the same time. This memorial contains the most clearly depicted deer stone in Mongolia. These deer stones were aligned from north to south in a single column. Each stone is 3-20m distant from each other and was made of tetrahedral granite stone colored reddish. A deer, an arch, a shield, a horse, a knife, the moon, the sun and a mirror figured belt were engraved on the stones. These oblong-shaped stone monuments are 1.5-4.8 meters high, 0.4-1 meter wide and 20-50 cm thick. Total of 109 deer figures as well as some human figures were carved on 14 stones. .

Overnight in local hotel                                         Meals: B,L,D


Having stayed overnight at the Murun city, we will drive back to UB. Driving time from Murun  to UB will be majority of the day. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your journey.               

 Overnight in hotel                                         Meals: B,L,D

We will take you to the airport. Check your items when you're leaving the hotel. Good luck for your next trip.


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