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» Visit Chingis Khaan's Homeland tour

Visit Chingis Khaan's Homeland tour

Visit Chingis Khaan's Homeland tour
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Tour Descriptioin

Tour name:      Visit Chingis Khaan's Homeland tour
Start:                UB-back UB
Destinatoin:     Winter Palace Of Bogd Khan, Zaisan Hill Monument, Chingis Khan Grand Statue, Turtle rock, Monestary in the National park, 13th Century,  a visit Nomadic Famliy and experience of countryside.
Goal:                 to get taste of Captital and Countryside in short period exploring legendry place of Chingis Khaan
Duration:           9 days, 8 night
Price: 1 person 2726$, 2 persons 1613$, 3-5 persons 1350$, 6-8 persons 1102$

Why do we love this trip

  • Learn unique Mongolian Culture
  • Discover Nomadic lifstyle
  • Spot Wild and Domestic animals
  • Visit and meet real Nomads
  • Feel true silence and wild nature
  • Enjoy fresh and clean 

Mongolia is a quite big county -It is important to appreciate the landscape for it's vastness.  Rugged Mongolia is an adventure destination where travellers can see the tradition of the past still practised today by hardy nomads dwelling on the country's vast steppe and deserts. 

Making this trip you will visit Genghis Khaan's Territory where the great Man grew up. You will admire the beauty of the Eastern Mongolia, its wilderness and many historic sites related to Genghis Khan, his homeland, his childhood, his battles, and his loves. 

Day 0: Meeting day
Our driver  will meet you at airport upon your arrival in Ulaanbaatar city/capital of Mongolia/ and take you to the hotel you choose. The rest of day is for you to get rid of fatique and enjoy a free day. Prepare yourself, on the most of days of this tour, we'll spend a several hours on the road. Note: the camera with full battery, torch, suitable clothing for the riding and other stuffs.


Day 1. City tour
First site- Gandan monestary

Gandan is one of the largest monastery in Mongolia and of the biggest touristic attraction. It was built in 1838 by fourth Bogd Gegeen. This is the only monastery that could survive from religious purge of 19th-century and continue its original function.
The full name is Gandantegchinlen, can be translated as 'the great place of eternal joy'. Inside is main Buddha statue , 26m high and made of copper with a gild gold covering. It contains inside 25 tonnes of medicinal herbs, 334 sutra, and two million bundles of mantras.

The original statue was destroyed in 1920 during the communist purge, and actual one was rebuilt with donation of Mongolian people as symbol of Buddhist revival in the mid 1920's.

Second site- Sukhbaatar Square
Centre of Ulaanbaatar carries the name of revolutionary  hero. It was him who declared Mongolia's final independence on july 1921 from the Chinese. In the centre of square stands the equestrian statue of Sukhbaatar and in the nord sets the statue of Chingis Khaan before the government house.

Third site- National History Museum
National History Museum was established in 1924, often called Mongolian National Museum. This museum has many of interesting exhibits such as collection of stone and bronze age artifacts, custom, sacred relics and other staffs, later it become the basis for other museums.

Fourth site- The Winter Palace of Bogd Khaan
This Winter Palace Museum is one the first museum in Mongolia -constructed between 1893 and 1903. This palace was where Mongolia's eighth living Buddha, last king, Jebtzun Damba Hutagt lived for 20 years. 
In the grounds are six temples; each today contains Buddhist art work including scultures and thanka painting. And there is white building that is the Winter Palace itself. It has rich collection of presents received from foreign dignitaries for example; traditional ger covered with 150 snow leapord, pair of golden boots from Russian Tsar and robes made from divers animal skins.

Fivth site- Zaisan Memorial Monument 
Built by the Russians to commemorate 'unknown Russia, Mongolian soldiers and heroes' from various wars. From the top of hill, you will have great views of whole city and the surrounding hills including Tuul river. 

Accommodation in hotel
Meals: B,L,D


Day-2: Journey to Gun Galuut
After having breakfast at the hotel, our experience tour guide will pick you up from the hotel and then we start our wonderfull trip heading to eastern Mongolia. First destination will be Gun Galuut where we will do some hiking or optional horse ride to spot its wilderness and wild animals such as wild sheep and eagles.
Overnight in a nomad Ger
Included: B,L,D

Day-3: Journey to Binder
After beakfast we'll drive to Binder soum of Hentii province. We'll be honest-there is not a lot to see, but has little bit of something for everyone. You can go explore some sights nearby by food before or after warm food and cold drink.
Accommodation in yurt camp

Day 4: Binder- Deluun Boldog/Dadal soum/
Today we'll head from BInder to the Deluun Boldog where great man was born. Here we visit the sites related to Genghis Khan in Dadal- the legendary birthplace of the Great Khaan, The Khaan's obelisk at Deluun Boldog. Meet the Buryats - an ethnic group of Mongolia. Enjoy the nature beauty.
Deluun Boldog 
Deliin Boldog is located 3.5km in the north of Dadal. There are many hills, one of the top of those hills happens stone marker, erected in 1990 to commemorate the 750th anniversary of The Secret History of the Mongols.The inscription says that Chingis Khaan was born here in 1162.
Chingis Khaan's Obelisk
Thirteenth kilometres of south of Delgerkhaan village stands the Chingis Khaan obelisk /wegde-chaped white rock/, featuring the visage of the Khaan on one side. It was erected in 1062 to commemorate the 800th anniversary of Chingis Khaan. It is 12m high, 10m width and 4m thick
Overnight in a tent

Day-5: Journey to Uglugchiin khad
Today we'll drive to the Uglugchiin Wall, Rashaan had.
The fourtheen-five kilometre southwest of Batshireet is Uglugch Wall-located at the base of Daichiin Mountain. The wall made of stones /2.5-3km high, 2,5-4m height/, streches 3km long being seemed it had two doors on the two side.The archeologists claim that Uglugchiin Wall can be a burial place of great Mongolian figures, such as Chingis Khaan or Khubilai.
Rashaan Khad
This is well-known area in Kentii for having its number of rock painting, inscription which dates back to from the new stone age to the 16th century. They depict the image of human, animals, stamps, scripts and writing of old time.

Overnight in tent or yurt camp /depends on weather/

Day-6: Journey to Baraivun Khiid

 Today we are going to visit Baraivun Monastery.
The Baraivun monastery
This monastery was first built in 1700 in the depression of the Bereeven Mountain. This monastery is made of granite stones. At its peak it was one of the three largest monasteries in Mongolia and home to 500 lamas.Later it was destroyed in communist purges in the 1930s. It has now been mostly restored the main temple splendid dragon motif on ceilliing was renovated in 2010. Today there are monks practicing daily and able to give blessing over you.

Accommodation in yurt camp
Meals: B,L,D

Day-7: Journey to Burkhan Khaldun

After having breakfast, we set off to the Burkhan Khaldun Mountain.
Burkhan Khaldun is located in Umnudelger soum of Khentii province with altitude of 2361m. Burkhan Khaldun is one of the sites mooted as the burial place of Chingis Khaan, and Mongolian's holiest mountain. From the time of Chingis khaan, this mountain had been greatly worshiped by Mongols. The mountain is belonged to the Strictly protected area of Khan Khentii created in 1992.  It is also the birthplace of one of his most successful generals,

Overnight in yurt camp

Day-8: Journey to Blue Lake
Today we'll head to the Khar Zurhnii Blue Pearl
Khar Zurhnii Blue Pearl
This lake is located about 35km northwest off Tsenhermandal, off the Ulaanbaatar-Chingis Khot road. The lake is situated in the chest of the Mountain called Black Heart, consisting of two small fresh lakes. Altitude is 1675m. It was at this lake that Chingis Khan proclaimed first himself Khan/emperor/ of Mongol tribe.


Overnight in Ger or Tent /depends on weather/

Day-9: Journey back to UB via Statue complex of Chingis Khan
 After breakfast, we'll leave the lake back UB. On the way we visit to the Giant Chingis Khaan Statue.
Chingis Khaan Statue Complex
The Giant Equestrian Statue  is located 54km away from Ulaanbaator in Erdene soum of Tuv province. The complex was constructed in 2006 and completed in 2008. The statue is 40m high including the base. The round shaped is 10m high. It includes museums, exhibition hall, restaurants, bar, meeting hall and souvenir shops.

Things included in the tour

Things no included in the tour

All meals during the travel

Travel insurance

All entrance fee


Sightseeing as per itinerary

Extra activity cost

Accommodation in hotels

Excess baggage charge

Transportation from airport /to airport

Single room supplement

English speaking guide [other language guide on request]

International airfare

Daily supply of bottled water

Any other things  which are not mentioned above

Ger camps


Occasional local /cultural show



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