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By train or Railway

The Trans-Mongolian Railway operates 1,110 kilometers of “Trans-Mongolian Main Line” (inside Mongolia). Dating back to 1938, the Trans Mongolian runs from Russian border via Ulaanbaatar to the Chinese border. Exploring Mongolia following the rail lines of the legendary Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Siberian Railways is more than a way of transportation; it is an expedition in itself. Total distance by rail from Beijing to St Petersburg is 7,925 km. Travelers can join in Moscow (or St. Petersburg) or in Beijing (or Hong Kong and Hanoi).There are usually nine compartments in each carriage with four berths in each (twin-share rail compartments are available for a supplementary price).
Indicative prices for first class (subject to change without notice):
Ulaanbaatar / Moscow - departure Monday (Russian train);
Saturday (Chinese train) and Thursday (Mongolian train) - duration of the trip-5 days; Ulaanbaatar / Beijing - departure Thursday (Mongolian train); Sunday (Chinese train).