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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Over the years we have fine-tuned our tour processes to ensure a safe, stress-free and awesome Mongolian tour. Make sure you read our T & C's below to ensure you understand some key points including how we manage activities purchased on tour. Please get in touch if you have any questions whatsoever as we are always here to help

Your contract is with Ltd referred to as "Nomadic of Blue Sky".

The Travel Agency shall receive payment obligatorily and exclusively by credit card on our website, via the secured payment system Pay-bal.
20 % of the price must be paid at the time of the booking. Full payment is due 2 months prior to arrival. 
Remember we are here to help you to buy international train or plane tickets, then you must pay at the time of the booking 100 % of the total price, without any possibility to pay in several times.
We will send you the bill after the payment of the first advance payment of 20 %, or after the payment of 100 % of the price, and, if need be, when the balance is received.
You have no right of withdrawal. The booking is final as soon as we receive the online booking reservation. Any cancellation request will entail cancellation fees.

Change in Contract Content
NOMADIC OF BLUE SKY reserves the right to make changes to their itineraries or cancel any trip, including a guaranteed trip, at any time prior to departure if something beyond the control of NOMADIC OF BLUE SKY deems it necessary; including natural disasters, political instability, terrorism, weather, cultural conditions or other external events. It is imperative that passengers check the most up-to-date information from our website just prior to their trip departing.

If NOMADIC OF BLUE SKY cancels a trip on which you are holding a fully paid booking you may choose between an alternative trip and a full refund. The company is not responsible for any incidental expenses that you may have incurred as a result of your booking such as visas, vaccinations, or non-refundable flights. If the alternative trip chosen is of a lower value than that originally booked then you are entitled to a refund of the price difference. If the alternative tour chosen is of a higher value then you will pay the difference in price.

Traveler may cancel a tour contract at any time on payment to the company of the cancellation fee specified in schedule. Any notification of cancellation by the client must be in writing via email   In case of canceling a communications contract, the travel agency shall be paid the cancellation fee by this way:
–  20 % of the price of the tour will be incured for any cancellation notified until thirty days before the intended departure date (+ bank transfer fees) ;
–  50 % of the price of the tour will be incured for any cancellation notified between thirty and seven days before the intended departure date (+bank transfer fees) ;
–  100 % of the price of the tour will be incured for any cancellation notified less than seven days before the intended departure date.


Cancellation Policy


% Cancellation Fee

Outside 30 days

20% of tour deposit

Within 30-7 days

50% of tour cost

Within 7 days

100% of tours cost


 (Note: Holiday cost includes base tour price, any add-ons and activates booked through us). Please be aware that if you have booked through a third party like a travel agent, their cancellation policy and terms and conditions may differ to our own. Be sure to check their particular terms and conditions, including cancellation policy, as they will apply.

No refund will be made if you voluntarily leave a trip for any reason. This includes refund of accommodation, transport, sightseeing, activities, meals or services not utilized.

Travel Insurance
You are solely responsible for your travel insurance. But we will recommend you some of places. According to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, you are strongly recommended to obtain travel insurance at the time of booking. Failure to obtain travel insurance is at your own risk. 
You can apply a complete travel insurance of Routard assurance that covers all the risks bound to the travel. This is good one for the short stay like less than seven, near AVI society.
If you are planning to stay more than 6 weeks, you can take out a travel insurance Marco Polo near the same society.
Information can be read on the website:


Our responsibilities related to the tour activities are very limited. Make sure that you deal with following issues how we manage things:
-We do not bear responsibility for any delays, airspace congestions, breakdowns, flight or train cancellations, losses, thefts or damages to luggage or other travellers’ personal belongings, for physical damages, occurred by the fact of the airline or the railway company.
-We reserve the right to increase tour prices due to any increases in fuel costs, other costs, or fluctuation of exchange rates.
-We reserve the right to change the dates, schedules or itineraries planned, if we judge that your security can’t be guaranteed, without possibility for you to claim any compensation. You are solely responsible for yourself and abandon any action for damages against us if an accident occurred or if an illness broke out during the stay or after being back.
-We are not responsible for any expenses caused by terrorist attacks, political unrest, war, earthquake, landslide, delay, cancellations or delays of airlines and train companies.
-We are not responsible for any unauthorized extra services which the client requires with the local agent or local guide or the driver contemporarily in the different cities beyond our confirmed itinerary. In this case we do not accept any reliability for any loss including shopping, extra attraction and destinations. But we will try our best to help our clients get outside of the puzzled conditions including chase compensation if any damages or losses occurred.
 -Our duty is to care every person who travels with us and provide an exceptional experience.

Responsibilities of Tour members
Trip members have certain responsibilities to Selena Travel Mongolia and other members: trip members are responsible for comprehending the condition implied in the trip itinerary which is appropriate to their interests and abilities: for acting in an appropriate and respectful manner in accordance with the customs of Mongolia/China/Russia (wherever the tour takes place). A member may be asked to leave the trip if his or hers further participation may be detrimental to other members or

Age/Child Policy
 To travel with us we require that you are at the minimum age limit of 18 years at time of travel. Anyone over the age of 50 years is more than welcome on our tours but please be aware that a moderate level of fitness is required whilst on tour, so we do recommend that you are relatively fit, healthy and looking for the adventure of a lifetime. If you have any concerns surrounding your age and whether or not our tours will be suitable for you, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your options.

Passports & Visas
All travelers must have a valid passport for international travel and many countries require at least 6 months validity from the date of return and some countries require a machine-readable passport. It is important that you ensure that you have valid passports, visas and re-entry permits which meet the requirements of immigration and other government authorities. Any fines, penalties, payments or expenditures incurred as a result of such documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities will be your sole responsibility. Visit the MONGOLIAN Immigration website to see if you need a visa to holiday

Luggage Limits
Within Mongolia travel, each passenger is entitled to take one case, the sum of its length, width and depth not to exceed 160 cm (63 inches), weight limit 20 kilos along with a small day pack. Airlines permit only one cabin bag per person, in which personal items such as cameras, make-up etc. should be carried, though you need to check with your airline provider as to their specific requirements. Over-limit luggage cannot be carried. NOMADIC OF BLUE SKY operates in a similar way and asks if you have over the above limit to please get in touch before your tour. Baggage is at 'owner's risk'. Most airports, hotels & hostels offer storage services for additional luggage.

Amendment Fees
There will be no charge to request a change of tour departure after the original booking has been confirmed, as long as it is done more than two months prior to the original tour departure date. Any further changes or amendments within two months of the tour departure, will incur a $100 MONGOLIAN amendment fee (except when change is due to NOMADIC OF BLUE SKY cancelling a tour departure). If there is any change to the price of the tour that you change your booking too, since the time of your original reservation, the new tour price will apply to the new reservation.

Pre-Booked Activities
The activities' retail prices are set by other operators and may rise at any time, out of our control. Therefore at 30 days prior to tour departure NOMADIC OF BLUE SKY reserves the right to charge customers any difference in price in order to match the most recent price at that time. We estimate that activity prices usually go up 2-5% per year. The price difference will appear on your account as "Activity Price Alignment". Furthermore, by pre-booking additional activities, you also confirm your acceptance of our "Optional Activities Booked On Tour" policy below which are also operated by a voucher process.

Any activity bookings made within 30 days of departure are subject to availability.

Optional Activities Booked On Tour
Activities booked on tour will be charged at the standard retail rate. We operate a voucher system with our activity partners which mean we pay in full via a "voucher" for any optional activities instead of you paying the activity provider direct. The activities you select whilst on tour will be added to your "Activity Balance Sheet" with the full balance taken at the end of the tour or when your activity balance exceeds $500 MONGOLIAN. By operating a voucher system with our activity suppliers, we are able to better manage tour logistics. Your activity balance can be paid via MasterCard, Visa or cash. Credit card payments have a 2% credit card processing fee. Nomadic of Blue Sky does not qualify for any group booking discount with our activity suppliers. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to our activity voucher process whilst on tour.

Itineraries are subject to alteration without notice and intended as a guide only. Alterations may come about due to road or weather conditions, strikes, public holidays, local festivals and cultural or other reasons. Due to the nature of the terrain and remote areas, weather fluctuations can adversely affect road conditions that may necessitate alterations to itinerary with little or no notice. Any additional expense incurred by the passenger is not NOMADIC OF BLUE SKY responsibility. NOMADIC OF BLUE SKY can give no guarantee as to the exact arrival and departure times for carriers and operators used by NOMADIC OF BLUE SKY in the tour and NOMADIC OF BLUE SKY will not be liable for failure of any other services or attractions beyond its control.

Minimum and Maximum Numbers
As is normally the case with group tours, a minimum number of bookings are required in order for a tour to be financially viable and to have a pleasant group atmosphere. In the event that adequate numbers cannot be achieved, it may be necessary to cancel a scheduled departure and to offer the nearest possible alternative date (or a full refund of monies paid). The date on which the decision is made whether a tour will operate is usually four weeks before the scheduled departure date. In the event of a breakdown or other unforeseen circumstances, the operator reserves the right to substitute vehicles other than those specified to ensure the operation of a tour.

Nomadic of Blue Sky restricts guest numbers to a maximum of 16 per tour. Prior to making any travel arrangements such as flights, customers are required to receive confirmation from NOMADIC OF BLUE SKY that there is adequate space on the chosen departure date, once any other booking requests are processed. In this case, confirmation is in the form of a ‘Welcome Letter’ sent via email by NOMADIC OF BLUE SKY

Customer Feedback
If a problem occurs during your tour, then it is in your own best interests to advise your Tour Manager immediately so that steps can be taken to resolve the matter there and then. If you remain dissatisfied, any complaint must be made in writing to us within 30 days.