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By air

The majority of visitors arrive in Mongolia by air through Chinggis Khaan International Airport located 18 km southwest of Ulaanbaatar. Since reconstruction in 1990, immigration and customs formalities, as well as baggage claim, are fairly prompt. The international air transport is operated by Mongolian Airlines (MIAT), Korean Airline and Air China (Chinese Airlines).
Three common ways to get to Ulaanbaatar airport by air:
- From Europe to Moscow to Ulaanbaatar with AEROFLOT (Russian Airline)
- From Europe to Beijing to Ulaanbaatar with MIAT or AIR CHINA
- From Europe to Berlin and Frankfurt (twice weekly flights) to Ulaanbaatar direct with MIAT.
MIAT, the national flag carrier of Mongolia, which is responsible for 95% of all air transportation in Mongolia, operates scheduled flights to overseas destinations such as Moscow, Beijing, Berlin, Frankfurt, Alma-Ata, Irkutsk, Hoh hot, Seoul, Osaka, and Singapore.
Contact e-mails are:
Mongolian State Airlines (MIAT)
Air China